WHCHC’s Laurel-Norton Apartments are nestled along Laurel Avenue, shaded by beautiful foliage and mature trees. Resident Manager Eduard is in charge of keeping it all in working order and running smoothly.


Eduard put his family’s name on WHCHC’s list in the early 90s,

and about two years later they were able to move into Laurel-

Norton. Eduard was working as a contractor when jobs were

available in the early 90s, but after the existing resident

manager left the position, he stepped in part time and soon

became the full time resident manager.


“I like the job very much,” says Eduard, “every day is different,

every day people ask for different things, or repairs need to be

done, or a social problem needs to be resolved, and I try to help.”

“I think there are about 150 residents, and I know everyone of them,” says Eduard. “About 70% are elderly and maybe the other 30% are more middle aged.”

Eduard arrived in the United States with his wife and 6-year old daughter in 1989, bringing his sister and mother from Odessa two years later. Living with him is his mom, now 92, having been born during the reign of the czars in Russia before the Russian revolution.

In the USSR Eduard worked as a general contractor, first working on new buildings but later supervising subcontractors doing everything from plumbing to roofing. So Eduard is well suited to troubleshoot for WHCHC’s residents’ needs at Laurel Norton.

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