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West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation builds affordable apartments for a diverse population of more than 800 residents, many of whom are elderly and/or disabled. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive resident services program throughout our portfolio to benefit those who are challenged to live independently and successfully in our buildings.

While WHCHC’s mission is to build affordable apartment communities, this is just the first step in providing a safe, clean and affordable home. The stigma of age and disability in our culture creates many challenges, but it is particularly difficult for persons with low-incomes and limited resources to find equanimity or accessible support systems that foster health and well being. Many of our residents face multiple obstacles that could threaten their ability to live independently, defeating the very purpose of our existence, which is to build permanent affordable housing, allowing people to live independently as long as they are able.

Our Resident Services Team meets with each resident to identify their needs, linking them to services, and maintaining those support systems over time that helps our residents adapt to their life’s changing circumstances and makes for successful Resident Services.