Our Mission

Building homes and providing services that move community members from insecurity to stability.

Our Values
  • Everyone has a right to a safe and decent place to live.

  • Secure, service-enriched environments are essential for residents with special needs.

  • Housing developments should enhance the local community.

  • Responsible development is environmentally sensitive.

Our Goals
  1. Produce affordable housing through innovative projects that safeguard the financial stability of the organization, contribute to growth, and enhance the communities where they are situated.

  2. Create and sustain projects that foster healthy communities with high housing quality standards, safety and stability for all residents, environmentally sustainable practices, and that operate in compliance with lender and investor requirements and contribute to (or at minimum, not jeopardize) WHCHC's financial stability; actively monitor and manage financial health.

  3. Broaden the organization's circle of support through effective branding, public awareness and communications, policy and advocacy, and contributed revenue through a culture of philanthropy and stewardship.

  4. Embed strategic thinking and leadership throughout the organization, ensuring ongoing strong and effective leadership.