WHCHC and our property management firm believe that in order to create and strengthen healthy communities, it is imperative that both entities provide services at all WHCHC buildings under contract according to WHCHC’s Enhanced Management Model. Effective Enhanced Management relies on a collaborative partnership between Property Management and Resident Services working side by side, cooperatively and responsibly in order to ensure resident stability, preserve tenancies and preserve the project’s overall financial and physical well-being.

The Enhanced Management Model integrates property management with referral of residents to, and advocacy for, supportive service, medical and psychological services, especially in times of crisis. Service Coordination is the responsibility of WHCHC’s Resident Service Coordinators (RSC). The Enhanced Management program identifies residents who may be struggling with social or health issues and seeks to link residents with the appropriate services. The program’s primary outcome is to continue the stable, long-term tenancies of WHCHC’s residents.